At 21, I graduated from a Fashion Design school. Those were three awesome years that made me fall in love with the creative process, in all its forms. This new contact with the fashion world was something really beautiful but overwhelming because I was so passionate and filled with ideas. But this period in my life really showed me what I was good at.

After having an internship in Paris and working in the industry for a bit,  I packed my things and went travelling.
As I go from Iceland to Fiji, I fell in love with surfing. What a love. Fashion will always be in me but surfing, it couldn't unless I am living by the ocean. So I moved to Tofino, far from the city life. This young and vibrant remote canadian surfing mecca is surrounded by lush greens and water.

And now, here I am, 26, my friend and I just opened a shop/creative space based on carefully selected handmade goods called Merge: an Artisan Collective. This new adventure also made me come back to my love of watercolor and paper. I am endeavouring to push my illustration work through small projects and see what the future brings !



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